News /News Feature: Startups &Innovation In Southeast Asia FORTUNE EXPRESS of NICE TV

1.    Introduction

FORTUNE EXPRESS, Southeast Asia English business news program.

It interviews authoritative government officials, well-known entrepreneurs, industry experts, etc., Provides unique insights, explores investment opportunities, and promotes international investment and trade.


2.    Rating

FORTUNE EXPRESS(21:00-21:30)

Rank Top 1 English Business Program in Cambodia

Ranked Top3 in Cambodia Evening News Program (19:00-22:00)

Remark: Data from KANTAR MEDIA


3.    Special Series Topic

Startups &Innovation In Southeast Asia 


4.    Program details ( 3 episodes )


Co-working space of Phnom Penh


“Innovation&Startup Entrepreneurship in Phnom Penh”. We are going to focus on the largest Co-working space, Factory in Phnom Penh and interview Mr. BEN LI, the Executive Director of Urban Village. We also interview with Mr. Kim Norith, the co-founder of the Cambodian Local Co-working space startup company, The DESK. How did Factory change into the largest creative FACTORY from an abandoned garment factory? How did The Desk develop the business from Cambodia to Southeast Asia? How does Co-working space promote the development of Cambodian startups?

Interview Guest:

  • Mr. Ben Li, Executive Director of URBAN VILLAGE
  • Mrs. CATHERINE CHAN, Executive Director of URBAN VILLAGE
  • Mr. Kim Norith, the co-founder of Co-working space, The DESK
  • Teacher at Montessori School, Mrs. Anna
  • Mr: CARLOS ESTEVEZ,Program Manager of Workspace 1
  • The Founder of Kbach Art, Mr. Tony Francis
  • Galeno Chu, Founder of Fly Phnom Penh

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Innovation&Startup in Southeast Asia ( Myanmar&Cambodia)

FORTUNE EXPRESS launches the second episode of the Innovation and Startup Entrepreneurship Series, in Southeast Asia ”. We have interviewed Mr. Joao Dutra, Accelerator Director of Phandeeyar Myanmar-an innovation lab that is spearheading the use of technology to accelerate change and development. How does the development of co-working space in Myanmar? What is their main startup business? We’re going to have an interview with Ms. Kosoma Kim, Communications Manager of Impact Hub Phnom Penh​, a co-working space, a business incubator, that support the development of social enterprises, based around the world. As an international company, why did they decide to invest in the Southeast Asian market including Cambodia? How did they support the new entrepreneur?

Interview Guest:

  • Mr. Joao Dutra, Accelerator Director of Phandeeyar Myanmar
  • Ms. Kosoma Kim, Communications Manager of Impact Hub Phnom Penh​
  • Ms. Zar Chi Lin, Co-founder & CEO of ASIA-ART-CONNECT Myanmar
  • Ms. Pwint Pwint San, Founder & CEO of Hydroplant Myanmar
  • Ms. Yuthu Zinhtet, Founder of One Sett Myanmar

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Innovation & Startup in Vietnam


FORTUNE EXPRESS launches the Startups and Innovation in Southeast Asia special series report. This episode will report the coworking space and tech startup in Vietnam.

According to Vietnam Tech Investment Report,In only 2 years, Vietnam jumped from the second least active startup ecosystem among the 6 largest ASEAN countries into no.3, trailing behind only Indonesia and Singapore. The amount of invested capital and the number of technology deals done, have grown six-fold from H1 2017 to H1 2019.

Vietnam has become a hot city for innovation and entrepreneurship. Ho Chi Minh City, as a financial and business center in Vietnam, has a mature entrepreneurial environment that attracts entrepreneurs from all over the world.

Interview Guest:

  • MAC CAI, Co-founder and CEO of ITECHBLACK
  • Dawns, HELLO GLOBAL Operations Director
  • Calvin Hoo, Vietnam Tenda Network Technology Co., Ltd.
  • SHI QIUJIE, CEO of Vietnam Tenda Network Technology Co., Ltd.

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