About NiceTV Cambodia

The future is creating.

《Nice Coverage》

NICE satellite TV station is the national mainstream TV station in Cambodia.

It has covered national wired and wireless networks, Facebook and YouTube, and Thailand’s top live app tutulive.


NICE TV imports extended drama from China, India, Thailand, South Korea and other countries, and broadcasts global movies such as Hollywood and China.

The self-made programs include: the daily news section “FIRST TALK”, viewers may interact with the guests Through tutulive and know the big and small news in Cambodia;

the entertainment program “Money Hunter” interact interacts with the mobile phone and the mobile phone, the audience Correct answer all of the questions, can share the yearly bonus.

Launched the financial documentary “fortune future”

financial news program “fortune express”,

financial activities “fortune event”,

to provide information for entrepreneurs, investors to make decisions.

《NICE star》

NICE TV has a number of Cambodian stars and VJs;

teamed up with Thailand’s top live app Tutulive to collaborate with more than 800 Thai VJs;

NICE TV is the Chinese star group MISS LIKE Southeast Asia operator,

providing entertainment marketing and social media communication for companies .


NICE TV offers different ways of cooperation and wins with the brand,

  1. Title sponsorship.
  2. Special sponsorship.
  3. Ad serving.
  4. TV shopping.
  5. Company interview.
  6. Star artist.
  7. Social media promotion.
  8. Event marketing.
  9. Resource Sharing.

Let us work together to create the future!